What is Simply Sev made from?
Simply Sev snacks are made from FAVA BEANS
Are Simply Sev snacks FRIED or BAKED?
Simply Sev snacks are baked, not fried!
Are Simply Sev snacks PLANTED-BASED?
Absolutely! All of our snacks are plant-based
Are Simply Sev snacks VEGAN?
All of our snacks are 100% vegan
Are Simply Sev snacks GLUTEN-FREE?

Yes :) we’re a completely gluten-free snack
Do Simply Sev snacks contain any ALLERGENS or ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS?
Not at all. None of our snacks contain any allergens or artificial ingredients.
Where can I BUY Simply Sev?
Simply Sev is currently available to buy online only directly off our website. Click here to shop.
How many CALORIES does Simply Sev contain?
Each single serve bag of Simply Sev contains:
144 Calories
Where should I store Simply Sev snacks?
Store in a cool & dry place
Are Simply Sev snacks shipped worldwide?
Currently, Simply Sev is only available in the UK
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